Outline for an essay or term paper

Outline an for paper or essay term. Why does he not, in like manner, pick a quarrel with that celebrated monument in the _Pere la Chaise_, brought there ‘From Paraclete’s white walls and silver springs;’ or why does he not leave a lampoon, instead of an elegy, on Laura’s tomb? {215} The command of the less violent and turbulent passions […]

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Good sentence openers for essays

Paul’s!—Burke, it is said, conversed as he spoke in public, and as he wrote. Personal vanity is incompatible with the great and the _ideal_. (7) Don’t buy “sets” and “libraries;” they are adulterated literature, coffee mixed with chicory. It is hardly to be believed that even a Spanish imagination could invent the dark and terrible details of this dismal story; […]

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The story of an hour and eveline

This kind of successful ventriloquism which we practise upon ourselves may perhaps be in some measure accounted for from the short-sightedness and incomplete consciousness which were remarked above as the peculiar characteristics of sleep. The great mob of mankind are the admirers and worshippers, and, what may seem more extraordinary, most frequently the disinterested admirers and worshippers, of wealth and […]

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